Target Narrabri

G’day folks.

No doubt by now you would be aware of Wesfarmers shock announcement to close Narrabri’s Country Target outlet.

This decision was clearly made without the knowledge of the impending inevitable growth for our district from the CSG industry, Inland Rail and the Whitehaven Coal expansion. They appear to have completely ignored the fact that we have just survived the toughest and longest drought period in recorded history and our huge and highly productive farming industry has begun their “bounce back” ?

This decision is all the more puzzling when the same parent company Wesfarmers, are currently investing in Narrabri with a Bunnings outlet!!

Our neighbours Gunnedah and Moree have been fortunate to avoid the cut and in fact are having their Targets developed into K Marts.

Target has been an essential service to our district and much relied upon for affordable family clothing and other goods. The closure of Target Narrabri now necessitates a minimum of a 100 kilometre each way road trip to shop for those who can least afford it. Unfortunately, the double whammy here is that while out of town to shop we know the tendency is to spend more money out of our area. This then places our other business’s in greater danger of not surviving….then the “Snow Ball” effect heightens.

Many have expressed anger with Wesfarmers for their decision which they say feels like being “kicked” while you are down.

I wonder if you would consider sending a personal email ( because they work best )with your own message to Target Managing Director Marina Joanou at [email protected] Please feel free and compelled to forward this onto others.

We must not accept this untenable decision by Wesfarmers without attempting to negotiate a reversal. Narrabri deserves no less than our neighbours.

Maybe Wesfarmers would do well to remember their history and how they started?

Be sure to contact me any time if I can be of help.



President Narrabri and District Chamber of Commerce

Phone 0457922878 any time.