Webinar – Employees who work remotely: How to employ the best and improve your business

Do your employees prefer to work from home? Are you looking for ideas to empower your employees to do their best without constant supervision or micro-management?
With the advances in IT, working remotely is becoming more popular in workplaces. Employees want to avoid lengthy travel times and employers want to keep their staff happy, but for some business owners it is a daunting idea on how to find a balance between remote work and a controlled productive workplace.
During this webinar you hear first-hand from our presenter, Mikel Lindsaar, Chief Executive Officer of Reinteractive, a website that solves business problems through online web applications which is a 100% online, remote work company. Mikel is an entrepreneur and manager who has experience in applying the best practices in making remote work successful.
Mikel will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the following:
* How to leverage the power of remote to hire the best in Australia and world-wide * Excellent internal communication tools and methods to ensure the remote workers communication is high at all times * How remote working can improve your company’s bottom line

Mikel Lindsaar, Chief Executive Officer, Reinteractive
Mikel is an entrepreneur and manager who built a career in IT by installing computer networks and then created an award winning Internet Service Provider that was pivotal in the creation of Victoria’s first Internet Peering Exchange.
Returning to IT in 2006 he started working again with the web and in late 2010, with the balance of a credit card, he started reinteractive.net, a 100% online, remote work company, which solves business problems through online web applications. Since then he has grown it into a multi million dollar company providing online software solutions to some of the biggest name brands in Australia and the World.
He has also over the last 3 years co-founded flood.io, a load and performance testing company and founded exec.io, a small business analytics and management company.
Tuesday 28 March 2017
12.00pm – 1.00pm
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