ABS Census

G’day members and guests.

The accompanying figures for our Narrabri area are from the latest ABS Census taken in 2016. There is little doubt that these figures would be somewhat different if collected today due to the effects of this insidious drought and the devastating effect on our wonderful Agriculture Industry.

There has also be an increase in the number of Mining related jobs in our area since 2016. However, it must be clear that the Census refers to the number of jobs in our area not to where those workers reside.

Thanks to our wonderful farming land, an abundance of natural resources and more importantly a fist class business and wider community Narrabri Shire is now up with the best of all regional Shires in Australia.

Narrabri Shire is certainly not a “One Trick Pony”.

I hope these figures are of interest to you.

The next ABS Census will take place in 2021.



REMPLAN-Economy-Report – 2019-03-12

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