Boggabri Coal Update

Hi Chamber Members, a quick update regarding Boggabri Coal’s enterprise agreement with our workforce, which I am sending out to a number of our key community stakeholders.

As part of this process, the CFMMEU has taken and continues to take industrial action.

The continued recent remarks made in the media by the CFMMEU in respect of a fly-in fly-out workforce are false.

Boggabri Coal has never proposed ‘fly-in, fly-out’ arrangements under our enterprise agreement and these arrangements are not being considered or proposed
Boggabri Coal have consistently made this position clear to the CFMMEU, including most recently proposing additional wording in our enterprise agreement to provide certainty to the workforce

Boggabri Coal’s position also provides certainty to our local and regional communities as we continue into the future as a major local and regional employer.

From a workforce perspective, it is very important for Boggabri Coal to be able to attract personnel and their families to the area and then to retain those personnel.

The most recent enterprise agreement offer made by Boggabri Coal represents a significant improvement on the current agreement in place now and has shown the company’s willingness to negotiate in good faith to achieve an outcome.

The offer we have made elevates Boggabri Coal personnel into the strongest position among the Gunnedah Coal Basin open cut mining operations, in respect of pay rates and the significantly improved terms & conditions we are offering.

In an endeavour to reach a timely outcome, mutually beneficial to all parties, we will continue to communicate directly with our workforce and their representatives.

Please contact me anytime if you require any further information

Regards Ray